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Frederik De Bleser
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Born November 15, 1978 in Belgium
Married, father of two


Researcher in interactive media at EMRG

Story Table C/C++, OpenGL, iOS / macOS / Windows

  • Created cross-platform educational game for hospitalized children.
  • Aided in development of Kinect-based interactive wall installation.

NodeBox Live JavaScript, React, node.js

  • Designed and implemented online data visualisation platform; created data import, aggregation and filtering, visualization and animation tools.
  • Managed development team of 2-5; created real-time API design review board in Firebase.
  • Taught over 20 data visualization workshops with the tool to graphic design students and professionals.

OpenType.js JavaScript

  • Developed a binary font parser and writer for OTF files in JavaScript.
  • Lead open-source development with contributions from Google, Adobe and Microsoft. 1K+ stars on GitHub.
  • Used in open-source and commercial applications (p5.js, Prototypo, Microsoft maker.js).

Frequensea C/C++, Lua, OpenGL

  • Developed a real-time environment for visualizing the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Optimized performance for large data streams (20MB / sec).
  • Tested and deployed on macOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi.
  • Integrated virtual reality support for the Oculus Rift.

Typesetting System Go

  • Developed an online typesetting system that outputs print-ready PDFs; used for my PhD thesis.
  • Implemented a custom layout engine with support for text metrics, kerning, widows / orphans and style interpolation.
  • Optimized performance to support real-time generation (< 1 second for 18MB PDFs).

— Freelance UX Designer / Developer, Burocrazy

Commsquare Python / Django, D3, Backbone.js

  • Designed and implemented front-end with custom visualizations in D3 for GSM measurement data.
  • Implemented backend in Django; taught Python and Django to 5-7 team members.

Buro Aktief Python / Flask, D3, MongoDB

  • Developed internal application with custom visualizations in D3 to track engagement level of clients.
  • Deployed first working version into production in three days.
  • Focused on rapid development and low-cost deployment using Heroku.

ChampdAction Python / Django, HTML5

  • Create multilingual CMS for music production house.
  • Designed mutating brand identity using NodeBox.
  • Integrated newsletter design.

Takeout Video Store Ruby on Rails

  • Designed and implemented a single-page web application for the biggest video rental store in Antwerp.
  • Integrated with IMDB using custom scraping tools.
  • Performed hardware setup, training and support.


Technical Experience

Additional Experience


Dutch (expert, mother tongue), English (proficient speaker / writer), French (competent), German (novice), Spanish (novice)

Programming Languages and Technologies