NodeBox is a set of applications for generative design and data visualization. It uses a dataflow approach and a box-and-wire visual programming interface. It is designed to be efficient and interactive: changes to the network are immediately visible, and parameters can be controlled by dragging handles directly in the viewer. The primary focus of the application is on geometric shapes (BeĢzier paths), but images are supported as well. Even though the primary interaction is through the nodes, the application makes it easy to inspect and edit the underlying source code of all the nodes.

NodeBox 3

NodeBox 3 is a cross-platform, node-based graphical design tool for data visualization and generative design. NodeBox 3 runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

NodeBox Live

NodeBox Live is a web application for data visualization and generative design. It integrates seamlessly with the web, transforming data from multiple services into interactive visualizations.

NodeBox 1

NodeBox 1 is a macOS-only application for generative design using Python code.

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